Ubuntu-accessibility Digest, Vol 66, Issue 9

Alex Midence alex.midence at gmail.com
Thu May 12 13:40:47 UTC 2011

Hi, MacKenzie,

> Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be able to do it in 11.10.  To make
> it possible to just flip a screenreader on would require that
> QT_ACCESSIBILITY environment variable be set to 1 in *all* sessions as
> a default.  With Qt-AT-SPI installed, this'd cause a huge performance
> impact because Qt-AT-SPI is too new to have been optimised yet.

I understand.  Here's another one for you then:

Could a script be used that would insert the needed lines into the
configuration file for KDE?  Any user who wanted to activate it could
run it from a console session.  It could have a name like
ACTIVATE-SCREENREADER and require root priveleges to be run.  The fact
that it is written in upper case and that it is a long string along
with it's requiring sudo before it is run should preclude any
possibility of someone running it accidentally.  It would have the
benefit of something being there for those who needed it which would
automate all the steps necessary for it to get set up while not
impacting those who don't in any way other than having a small text
file on their system (doesn't have to be long).  It would allow for
more   people to be able to test the screen reader.

Just conjecturing.  Thanks for having been willing to consider the
hotkey feature.

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