[orca-list] system menu in default accessible desktop (ubuntu 11.04)

Alex Midence alex.midence at gmail.com
Fri May 6 13:21:20 UTC 2011


My apologies for the cross-post however, I felt it a good idea to cc
all interested parties on this, so to speak.  I too had trouble with
11.04.  I was trying to create a virtual machine with Vmware running
on Windows XP Media Center.  I do this with extremely little effort on
Vinux versions all the time.  I wanted to try out the mainstream, true
blue Ubuntu to see what all cool new packages it offered and how Orca
behaved in it with an unmodified Pulse Audio configuration.  Wherever
possible, I do like to use things as closely to the way in which my
sighted friends do as I am able.  The results were highly
discouraging.  I couldn't get it to talk at all.  I tried all sorts of
things and nothing worked.  I couldn't get orca to turn on and I
understand sound is muted by default?  They ought to at least have
something trigger the system bell to beep when you arrow over the
blind user profile or something.  I hit f5 and 3.  I also arrowed down
3 times.  Nothing, zilch, nada.  I never found out what version of
Orca comes installed on it, what kind of speech synth is on it or any
of that.  I gave up and went running back to Vinux which is not the
least bit bashful and tells you just exactly what's on its mind.  I
figure I'll create a Maverick-based virtual machine and then upgrade
it to Natty to see how that turns out since I'll have orca running
when I do that.  I wonder if it will upgrade at-spi up to at-spi2 for
me and all that.  It's another reason I'm keen to try it out since I
have long been curious about taking the as yet unfinished qt-at-spi
out for what I am sure wil be a bumpy spin.  I think it's important
that as many advanced Linux users of accessible technology try this
thing out since it looks like things were getting pretty close there
for a moment and it would be a shame to have this fizzle out resulting
in another prolonged wait for something to be done about qt

anyway, that's my Natty experience for what it's worth.

Alex M

On 5/6/11, Thomas Ward <thomasward1978 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> As for question one, Ubuntu 11 comes with Gnome 3. As you probably are
> aware I think we are all in the same boat with Gnome 3. They've broken
> some things, accessibility wise, that use to work in Gnome 2.32 and
> earlier.
> As for question two, where is the system menu, I haven't figured that
> one out yet myself. I have however come up with a quick and dirty work
> around and if you know the name of the system application to simply
> open run and enter the name into the run dialog. That's the only way I
> know to change your screensaver, keyboard settings, gdm settings, etc
> without getting to the system menu itself. Personally, I'm inclined to
> go back to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS until all this stuff is resolved with
> Gnome 3 as it seems less accessible than previous versions.
> On 5/5/11, Andy B. <sonfire11 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I finally got Ubuntu 11.04 installed as a wubi image. Got a chance to play
>> around with it and it looks pretty cool. I can't quite tell what desktop
>> I'm
>> using, but it looks possibly like gnome to me. There is a launcher bar on
>> the top of the screen with things like home, applications, ubuntu1, Ubuntu
>> software center, firefox, the office apps, workspace switcher and trash.
>> Below the launcher bar is a menu bar that has things like file, edit,
>> view,
>> messages, calendar/clock, network and quite a few more. Below this menu
>> bar
>> is an empty space (assuming it is the desktop icon area). My questions,
>> what
>> happened to places and system? And once I find them, how do you open the
>> menu itself? Pressing enter on applications just brings up some places
>> window where you can type/search for something.
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