First formal request for testers related to qt-at-spi

Alex Midence alex.midence at
Thu Jun 30 14:28:34 UTC 2011

Hi, all,

It's hot off the presses, folks.  I want to try this real bad.
Unfortunately, work has heated up for me considerably of late making
it impossible for me to do anything fun like tinkering with Linux for
a while.  *sigh*  So ... whoever wants to ... Now's your chance!

Alex M

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   1.  Unity 2D Accessibility, Testers Welcome (Frederik Gladhorn)


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lately Florian and Didier did some nice work to get the patches needed for a
working Qt at-spi2 accessibility ready for Ubuntu. It's also exciting since
they are making Unity-Qt accessible - yes that is the first QML app that tests
our changes for Qt.

While I personally don't care which distro anyone runs, right now this is a
nice chance to test accessibility with KDE apps without any hastle.

So if you're interested to find out where we stand, check it out :)
With the setup described below you should be up and running in no time.


If anyone else want to manually get this up and running:
My recommendation is at the moment to grab Qt 4.8 master and the bridge from
gitorious. contains the changes needed for QML
(branch 4.8-a11y) if you want to play with that.

Fredag 24. juni 2011 14.57.24 skrev ext Florian Boucault :
> Hello,
> Thanks to the fantastic work of Frederik Gladhorn, Qt and QML are
> accessible on Linux.
> Our very own awesome Didier Roche packaged it and pushed it in Oneiric
> and even blogged about it (see [1])!
> This work is now being put to use to make Unity 2D accessible. A very
> first prototype is available, though with major bugs. I would love to
> get as much feedback as possible about it. To that end I published a
> version of Unity 2D in a PPA for Natty at [2].
> I put together a script ( in attachment)
> that installs everything necessary so that when you log back in the
> Unity 2D session accessibility should work. Be careful, it does the
> following:
> - install accessibility-enabled Qt 4.7.3 and Unity 2D from the PPA
> - activate AT-SPI 2
> - activate accessibility in Qt system-wide by adding environment
> variables to /etc/environment
> It is for Natty only.
> I have not had the opportunity to try this script on a fresh Natty so
> please let me know if something goes wrong or if you can think of an
> improvement.
> Thank you for reporting anything that does not work well in Unity 2D
> accessibility wise directly to me. For bugs in other Qt applications
> please report bugs against the qt package with the tag 'a11y'.
> Known bugs are:
> - crash when going into the contextual menu of an item in the launcher
> - when hidden the launcher needs Alt-F1 twice to show
> - in the panel, switching from a menu to another gives the focus briefly
> to the focused application
> - in the panel, scrubbing from the app menu to the indicators is not
> implemented
> - only the search field is accessible in the dash
> Have a nice day,
> Florian
> [1]!
> [2]
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