Vinux 3.2 Released!

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Tue Jun 28 07:22:30 UTC 2011

The http isn't your problem here in terms of accuracy.  Your problem is 
that you do not use the correct tool to do the download with http.  When 
you want accuracy with http, you properly use wget for downloads and its 
sibling wput for uploads.  A command like:On Tue, 28 Jun 2011, David 
Sexton wrote:
wget -bc <url with file.iso> will do an accurate download for you and you 
can check its progress too.  The -b switch says to make a log file and the 
first one that is made will be wget-log.  The -c switch says if the 
download breaks for whatever reason resume the download.  The wget utility 
checks to make sure when the file is downloaded you get every byte that's 
on the other end and doesn't quit until it is satisfied you got an exact 
copy.  Let's talk about that log file since making it does a couple things 
for you.  First, all output goes to the log file which means you can use 
the computer to do other things while the download continues in the 
background.  Second, to check progress of file download a command like: 
wc -l wget-log will return the number of lines in wget-log.  Repeating 
that command should show an increasing line number as the file is download 
but will stop when the file is completed.  When you think it has stopped a 
command like: tail -4 wget-log shows you the last four lines in the 
wget-log file.  Those four lines will contain a message that file download 
is saved and at 100% when the file download is complete.  You do want to 
delete wget-log with a command like: rm wget-log when download is complete 
since that way your next wget-log file isn't named wget-log.1 and the one 
after that isn't named wget-log.2 and so on.  HTH.

 > Great work!
> Is there a more accurate way to download this other than http? torrent for
> example.
> What about a USB edition?
> David
> David Sexton
> +91 9400223351
> On 6/27/2011 11:44 PM, Tony Sales wrote:
> > I am happy to announce the release of Vinux 3.2 based on Ubuntu 11.04 - this
> > is a cutting edge release featuring the latest versions of Orca
> > (3.1.2-xdesktop) and Speech-Dispatcher (0.8~2784+13~maverick1) from the
> > daily build repos. This version is available as CD and DVD in both 32 and 64
> > bit. The DVD version provides the same software as the CD but with the
> > addition of libreoffice and some non-free multimedia codecs etc. The default
> > desktop is Classic Gnome 2.x but Unity is available from the GDM login
> > screen if your video card supports 3D. This release includes the Pico TTS
> > voices in addition to Espeak, the Epiphany Internet Browser and built-in
> > keybindings to quickly organise multiple windows with x-tile. It also
> > features some new packages including Orca-Teacher, Talking Clock and CDBurn.
> > This version also plays a system bell when the isolinux boot screen appears
> > allowing you to select different boot options including an experimental
> > 'toram' mode.
> >
> >
> > Size: 665MB
> > md5sum: 9c06b253f6826a03265d4b79e87c7b
> > 7d  Vinux-3.2-i386-CD.iso
> >
> >
> > Size: 689MB
> > md5sum: ed4931b944b8b4e0b142dff46590a17c  Vinux-3.2-amd64-CD.iso
> >
> >
> > Size: 1GB
> > md5sum: 6ff7a4cc10aab7c7ecf4bb1fe9cfef37  Vinux-3.2-i386-DVD.iso
> >
> >
> > Size: 967MB
> > md5sum: a63c1a6c27195be76bd13d1f1d3d7923  Vinux-3.2-amd64-DVD.iso
> >
> >
> > Additional Release Information for the Vinux Website etc.
> >
> > There is also a Vinux 3.2 PLUS edition which features lots of extra packages
> > for partially sighted users:
> >
> >
> > Size 2.6GB
> > f015779d78ced8b1b3edf668e1809d84
> >
> >
> > Size: 2.7GB
> > md5sum: 5bb475310d1bd877bfd2da584d51f998
> >
> > I have managed to fit more text tools on the CD edition including: sox gpm
> > screen splitvt figlet cmatrix txt2html html2text pdf2svg pstotext units mc
> > trash-cli vrms dict sc htop linuxinfo w3m elinks-lite urlview finch axel
> > calcurse tdl.
> >
> > Known Bugs:
> >
> > Selecting the Cicero speech synth will crash Orca and you will have to run:
> > orca -t to reset everything back to the way it was. So do not select Cicero.
> >
> > The x-tile keybinding to 'quad' tile open windows was set to 'win+alt+v' by
> > accident - to correct this open the keyboard shortcuts manager and re-assign
> > it to 'win+alt+q' - then the vertical tile option will work as well
> > (win+alt+v).
> >

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