A proglem for Orca launch with yesterday Oneiric daily live CD

Hammer Attila hammera at pickup.hu
Fri Jul 8 04:15:58 UTC 2011


Luke, if I booted with yesterday downloaded Oneiric daily live CD using 
with access=v3 boot parameter, if I manual launch Orca, Orca presenting 
the text setup window.
Not happening this problem because 
/desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility gconf property is not setting 
with live session automaticaly?
If I switch text console, manual enabling this property and restart 
Lightdm login manager, Orca running correct if I launch manual.
In the gnome-orca package the debian/patches directory containing a 
gconf related patch, the patch name is 04_use_gconf.patch. If I known 
right, original Orca 3.0 and 3.1 upstream versions using gsettings to 
determining accessibility related service are enabled or not.
Need the /desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility gconf key setting for 
other non gtk3 applications to prowide accessibility related 
informations (for example Firefox)?


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