A suggestion with keyboard accessibility enable setting with Natty

Hammer Attila hammera at pickup.hu
Mon Jan 31 15:28:55 UTC 2011


Luke, I see in Natty all 30accessibility script set following 
accessibility setting with all accessibility mode with true value:
This setting is setted during live CD boot and installed target system 
too. With motor difficulties users this setting is absolute right and 

This setting provide to toggle keyboard accessibility functions with 
hotkeys. But, some accessibility modes I think this setting default 
enable is not good ydea, for example access=v1, v2 and v3 modes.
Perhaps why not good default enable this setting with screen reader 
related modes?
For example if an user want fast muting Orca with fast right Shift key 
presses, in Natty now a notification message is presenting to would like 
toggle on the sticky keys feature or off?
This situation need the user interaction to click the proper button, 
perhaps changing task, but if anytime later doing again some fast shift 
keypresses because not want hear a text output always but would like 
listening next informations, the notification is presenting again and 
this is perhaps disturb the work.
Possible remove this setting for access=v1, v2 and v3 modes, similar 
with Lucid?
I don't no now Maverick 30accessibility scripts containing this setting 
or not, I not remember.

If this setting remove is acceptable with screen reader related modes, I 
welcome doing the need bugreport and patch.


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