Evolution, from proposed, not accessible with Orca in 11.10

Dave Hunt ka1cey at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 21:12:37 UTC 2011


My Evolution mail package updated from the proposed updates.  I did some 
brief experimentation, and found that neither the message list, nor the 
message view pane is accessible, using Orca screen reader.  There seems 
to be no cursor on which Orca can focus.  Toggling the 'f7' key does not 
change this behavior, as it used to do.  If I press the 'enter' key, 
anywhere in the pane, a message pane seems to be open, but, nothing is 
readable, with flat review or the arrow keys.

Evolution isn't my mail reader of choice, but, I post this as a warning 
to those needing accessibility, to uncheck the Evolution updates in 
Update Manager, if you use this program, or, you may find yourself 
unable to read your mail, contacts, and/or calendars.



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