alt+shift+up in ubuntu 3d?

Dave Hunt ka1cey at
Tue Dec 13 00:04:09 UTC 2011


I am using Unity-3d on an Asus netbook.  The system is updated with the 
packages in the Extra A11y package.  When using 'alt+shift+up', to move 
up a column in a table on a web page, the focus seems to get moved to 
someplace not visible to Orca.  Nothing will speak until I hit 'esc' or 
'enter', at which time, I am switched to the application next in the 
'alt+tab' stack.  In my case, this is a terminal window.  I looked on 
every page of the 'shortcuts' tab in Keyboard part of the gnome control 
center, and do not see this bound.  What is this key combination 
supposed to do in Unity-3d, that might conflict with Orca's web page 
table navigation commands?  Maybe this is just some odd interaction of 
Orca and Unity-3d?



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