best package manager for screenreaders?

Eric Oyen eric.oyen at
Sat Dec 10 11:12:15 UTC 2011

I am trying to figure out which package manager is best using orca. so far, my experience with "software center" has been lack luster at best. and aptitude has some refresh problems that make using a screen reader a real pain. 

anyone have a package manager that will allow listing of packages (by type or relevance) without all the clumsiness?

I just spent 5 hours finalizing an installation. the new gnome desktop works ok, but it lacks some of the functionality that was in the older gnome 2.x (such easier to find menus, etc.).

I am wondering if the unity packages have something to do with this.

also, I tried to get synaptic package manager to work and it quits on starting. looks like something is missing there.


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