What happened with Ubiquity installer accessibility and localization?

Hammer Attila hammera at pickup.hu
Fri Apr 29 11:16:58 UTC 2011


Now I looked an english language environment the Ubiquity installer and 
Orca improvement.
For example, before with partitioning window, I selected the following 
"Erase disk and install Ubuntu"
Orca spokening following text:
"Erase disk and install Ubuntu use_device radiobutton selected"
Other radiobutton example, real label:
"Install Ubuntu alongside them"
Orca spokening following text:
"Install Ubuntu alongside them resize_user_free radiobutton selected"

I prewious tryed attaching a screen shot how looks real the tested 
dialog window, but not fit the list limit the attachment. Safe I remove 
the bigger letter to not disturb the list to duplicate get this answer.
This interesting objects texts real seeing the screen, or only Orca 
ubiquity script spokening this objects identifiers?
Luke, possible fix this type issue for a next gnome-orca maintenance 
version, or the problem is harder fix and need accepting now this 
working method?


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