Ohio LinuxFest Call for Presentations

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 03:36:48 UTC 2011

Ohio LinuxFest is hoping to receive more proposals from a more diverse
range of participants in the FOSS arena than ever before.  Last year I
sent out an email blast like this to a handful of women's groups, and
the result was that even after turning down over half the women's
submissions, over 35% of accepted presentations were from women.
Despite lack of outreach to accessibility groups (sorry!), 5% of
speakers identified as disabled.   Recognising there is more to
diversity than gender (and that there are more distros than
Debian/Ubuntu), the email blast has gotten bigger this year.  Please
pass this along to any other mailing lists you are aware of for
minority groups within the community (and let me know about them).

There is also a Diversity in Open Source workshop scheduled for
Sunday.  The cost is $20 including a brunch.  Information about that
can be found here:  http://ohiolinux.org/dios

The conferences does have a Diversity Statement:
"The Ohio LinuxFest is dedicated for making Open Source truly open to
everyone. We do not discriminate based on ethnic background, religion,
gender, sexuality, body shape, disability, or even what operating
system you use. We also do not tolerate harassment based on

We understand that some people need special assistance to fully enjoy
our conference. If we can help you find a wheelchair, arrange for an
ASL translator or a guide for the sight impaired, or any other special
need, please let us know at assist at ohiolinux.org."

It's a great conference for first-time presenters, so don't be shy!


The CFP deadline grows near for the Ohio LinuxFest's 9th Conference,
to be held September 9-11, 2011, in Columbus, Ohio. The CFP deadline
is May 1.

The biggest Free & Open Source conference in the Eastern part of the
US is looking for proposals to talk about a variety of topics, all
relating to the free and open use of computers. Talks in the past have
been for the experienced, the professionals, the hobbyists and those
just looking to learn.

Talks in the past have covered topics from embedded systems, Linux
kernels and authentication to documentation, video games, politics,
project management and so much more.

We encourage people who are new to speaking but are experienced in
their field or hobby to submit a proposal.

Go here to submit your proposal today:  http://www.ohiolinux.org/talksubmit

The Ohio LinuxFest Institute seeks experienced instructors for our
professional quality training. In the past classes have been geared
towards system administrators but we are willing to look in other
directions as well.

Classes may be half day or full day and will take place on Friday, September 9.

Go here for further information, including requirements and pay scale,
and to submit your proposal:

Mackenzie Morgan

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