problem with msi wind u100 keyboard

Tony Bernedal tony.bernedal at
Thu Oct 14 17:46:30 BST 2010

Hi all
I have a m s i wind u 100 netbook and I have a problem with the keyboard.
I tried both ubuntu different versions and also vinux.
The problem is that it looks like the orca key is stuck and I can't use the keyboard normaly.
In console it looks like it works ok but in gnome the problem apears. If I hit spacebar the orca preference window comes up and if I hit backspace the orca command for passthroug is issued. If I press q orca will quit. So it looks like orca key is locked or something.
I also tried to switch orca to laptop mode or desktop mode but that doesn't solve the problem. It happens on the live cd as well as on a installed system.
does anyone know what can be the problem and how to sole it?
I haven't tried ubuntu 10.10 yet but I think the issue is there too.
I remember using ubuntu 8.10 on this machine and it worked perfect, so maybe I have done something stupid somewhere in the bios or anyting else.
Any help is appreciated.
Regards Tony

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