Alternate Ubuntu 10.04 installer with braile or speech support

Eric Scheibler mailinglist at
Mon Nov 8 01:07:11 GMT 2010

Hello everyone,

I'am relativly new in the Linux world. Now I want to try ubuntu 10.04
with my Laptop but I have a problem with the installer.
The most important feature for me is the full disk encryption. A few
months ago I installed a Debian 5.0 server, this was my first Linux
installation. During the process I found the option for the disk
encryption: "encryption and LVM with one partition". This was exactly
what I want. I've chosen it,  it's working fine until now and the best:
it was very easy to do.
Now I also searched this option in the Ubuntu installer, cause the
encryption for a laptop is much more important than for a server. But
these options are not included in the standard Ubuntu installer, but
only in the alternate one. So I downloaded the alternate installer but
this one doesn't support braille or speech output during installation
I hope, all I wrote so far, is right.
Is it possible, to integrate Brltty in the alternate installer? Or does
anyone know, how I can set up LVM and full disk encryption after
installation of Ubuntu?

Thank you in advance.

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