Sticky Orca Key

Dave Hunt ka1cey at
Tue Nov 2 15:41:52 GMT 2010

Since I don't know whether this problem is specific to Ubuntu, or 
generalizes to Orca, I cross-post.

Under some rare set of conditions, my Orca modifier key gets stuck 
(software, only).  I find the only sure way to undo this is to restart 
the gui session, but suspect there is a more-convenient workaround or 
fix.  I do not have sticky keys enabled in the Assistive Tech preferences.



Script started on Tue 02 Nov 2010 11:37:55 AM EDT
]0;david at MEERKAT: ~david at MEERKAT:~$ orca --version
Orca 2.32.0
]0;david at MEERKAT: ~david at MEERKAT:~$ uname -a
Linux MEERKAT 2.6.35-22-generic #35-Ubuntu SMP Sat Oct 16 20:36:48 UTC 
2010 i686 GNU/Linux
]0;david at MEERKAT: ~david at MEERKAT:~$ gnome-about --version
GNOME gnome-about 2.32.0
]0;david at MEERKAT: ~david at MEERKAT:~$ exit

Script done on Tue 02 Nov 2010 11:39:11 AM EDT

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