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Eleanor Smyth mainstreaming at camara.ie
Thu Jun 24 16:57:02 BST 2010


Camara (www.camara.ie) refurbishes old computers, sends them out to Africa
and sets up learning centres. At the moment we are trying to make our Linux
computers more accesible for students that are living with disabilities.
After much debate, we decided to stick with the accessibity features already
on Linux.

The computers, already in Africa have various versions of Ubuntu, this means
that Ocra functions to various degrees in the schools. We discovered that
the speech on older versions of ocra was very fast and difficult to
understand  So, we want to update ocra by sending out a C.D with the latest
version of orca to the schools in Africa and update orca when refurbishing
the computers going out.

With that done, we need to train our teachers on how to update orca (for the
computers already sent out) and write up a manual on how to use ocra within
the classroom. This is where we'll have to call upon some help. Setting up
the accessibity features is difficult for someone who has very basic
computer skills.

Are there any good tutorials (audio and visual) out there that we could use?
Any additional info that we should be aware of?  All comments/material will
be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Eleanor Smyth
Disability Officer Camara
E-mail: mainstreaming at camara.ie

Camara Education
The Digital Hub, 10-13 Thomas Street, Dublin 8.
T: 0861217893
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