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The bounces are most likely caused by me using my default email account
(vpolink) and not my one

The link on each part is the same?

MGJudd Part No. = F0332
OEM Part No. = 4223 140 1800

The database number for them is 1451 on the database. So, the link is the

Think of it this way, you require a part and you do not know the original
part number, and you get dropped onto the mgjudd site,
seems unlikely? Try putting in "ts400 parts illustrated" into google you
will find the site there (no, I do not pay for it, I just want to make it
okay for people and the google bot seems to like what I am doing).

In my case, they will hear the MGJudd part number and the OEM part number,
they are the same part and therefore have only one entry on the database.

Does that make sense?



On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 1:39 AM, Bob Trevithick <bob.trevithick at>wrote:

> On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 8:20 PM, Phillip Whiteside
> <PhillW at> wrote:
> > stihl filter
> When I search for that, I get a page that shows no errors at all.
> because all of the links and link titles match up.
> But when I search for 'chain' I go to this page:
> That one has the errors.
> You keep giving the title of the link as title='Original Equipment
> Manufacturers Part Number', but you give different links.
> Think of it this way.  Imagine that I have 5 links on my page, each
> one entitled "Best place to vacation".  One points to Hawaii, one
> points to the Gulf of Mexico, one points to Puerto Rico, and so on.
> This is what the rule is intended to prevent, I believe.  The user
> *hears* the same title, but depending on where it is, it takes him to
> completely different places.  Conversely, if the user saw a bunch of
> different titles, but they all pointed to the same place, I think
> you'd get the same warning.
> BTW, I got a bounce when I tried to reply-to-all, because I'm not a
> member of that mailing list.  So I removed it from the cc's on this
> note. :)
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