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Tue Jun 22 23:23:03 BST 2010

Hi Kenny, Alex & Bob,

firstly, thank you for helping me on this one. I have re-written the site in
terms of headers etc. along with changes to table descriptions / column
descriptions. I have made so many changes that I ask if you would have a
good check on the site and check that it is usable, in the "find parts"
think of 'oil', 'spanner', 'filter' etc.

I'm up to ::sigh:: at
negative comments :-(

Hi Mailing list,

I'm dipping my toe back into the mailing list, after the last time went bad.

If any of you have chance, please have a look.

I'd also appreciate any views on whether I should code to WCAG version 1 or
version 2 ?
Has any one has worked out the answer to 'until' from the where the word
'until' has its own entry as I use a programming routine that seems to work
fine with readers, yet am told "until" the readers can handle them, i am not
allowed to?

I know that there is still a lot of for me to learn on the difference
between a robot site saying it is okay and someone with using a screen
reader, or any other accessibility access (Do shout now, while I am
learning), I ask this time that only those who will give
*constructive* criticism
reply. I do need people who will do the manual testing against what the
robots reply.


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