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Tue Jun 15 02:15:01 BST 2010

Hi Kenny,

Wounds licked, I've been as you will have read been some what disheartened
over things. But, on the new slimmed down version of ubuntu (lubuntu) we
have some one who is interested in seeing what it can do. The horrible news?
lubuntu is gtk(2) (uses lxde, but gtk compliant) based, so no it is not
going to have gnome unless and until they code to gtk.?

As a part of these discussions has
a new person. Heck, I may even get a tester for some things.

As that baby forum is in the midst of moving to a new host provider, new
members replies are moderated so as to keep out the spammers (there is a
discussion on capchta on it).

To every one, you are welcome to pop over. if you email back I will remove
any person from this mailing list to remove them from the moderation queue.

One of things I have reflected upon is that there are people who are
frustrated, I do not mind a good hearted discussion but can we try to have a
positive note to the end of the frustrations, even if it is just "I feel
better getting that out of my system"?

I'll see how the area progresses, if it does okay, I can split it into 'get
if your chest' and technical discussions for web stuff.

For the 'team' would it be okay to recommend to people that they join this
mailing list to see what is going on with life? Also, would it be okay to
tell them of In my view, the
more that know the better, but I ask permission first.

With vinux etc., being about, there is a lot going on, but little reporting
of it. I do get the usual bots like google, bling etc, come wandering round
so it may help when people are looking for information.



On Sat, May 22, 2010 at 8:03 AM, Kenny Hitt <kenny at> wrote:

> Hi.
> On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 04:21:53PM -0400, Eric S. Johansson wrote:
> > On 5/21/2010 11:04 AM, Nischal Rao wrote:
> <snip>
> > >
> > > Currently the software doesn't support the dictation facility. However,
> > > we are planning to add this feature in the future.
> > > The best part of this software is that it is speaker independent, no
> > > training is required and it can recognize words not present in the
> > > English dictionary.
> > >
> > > Currently it works well on ubuntu 9.10 and ubuntu 10.04
> > >
> > > You can find the source code at :
> >
> > very nice.  have you thrown away your keyboard yet?  please do so and
> send a
> > message to the list without keyboard.
> >
> Before you post such a negative message, you should really read first.
> This is not even a stable tarball release yet.  The author stated clearly
> dictation wasn't available, but is planned to be added.
> If he had claimed that you could do dictation, your post would make since,
> but since
> he didn't, you look like a winy ass.
> When a project like this is still at such an early stage, bad attitude will
> cause a developer
> to wonder if the trouble is really worth it.
> One note to those people who have recently started to get a ubuntu
> accessibility group going again:
> you really need to subscribe to gnome-accessibility.  All the developments
> in accessibility are happening
> in upstream gnome and not ubuntu.
> There was a more complete discussion about this particular app on
> gnome-accessibility.
>          Kenny
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