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Francesco Fumanti francesco.fumanti at
Sat Jun 5 17:28:31 BST 2010


What about creating a page that has an overview of the accessibility tools and features with different informations for each tool. Let me for example start myself with a few points:

Pointer only users: onboard is an onscreen keyboard for pointer-only users; it is available out of the box in ubuntu; it is available during login, and the desktop session; todo: convince ubuntu to not hide its desktop files by default in the desktop session.

Dwelling: available out of the box in ubuntu in the Mouse control panel; todo: it is not possible for a dwell user to activate it by himself during login (a  patch is waiting to be accepted to solve this in upstream GNOME); it is not possible for a dwell user to activate it by himself in the desktop session until someone has installed the dwell applet on the gnome panel.

Switch access: there is no solution out of the box; gok is an onscreen keyboard for switch access; it is available in universe; I do not know how stable it is.

Such an overview page would in my opinion be useful not only for the public who is looking for an accessible distribution, but also for the Ubuntu developers so they have a reference about what is available and more important, what is still missing in their distribution.

It however only make sense if it has a maintainer that keeps it up to date and this person will probably have to remain in contact with the different developers...



On 06/05/10 16:14, Nigel Babu wrote:
> Hello folks:
> At UDS, Charlie (err, he's Charlie Kravetz) and I agreed to help on
> cleaning up the Accessibility Team wiki.  Unlike, the other wiki
> pages that I've worked on, I understand that wiki pages for the
> Accessibility Team need to be carefully worked on so that its
> accessible friendly. So, I'd like your feedback on what we've come up
> so far.
> We've decided on a Menu on the top like most other teams have
> [1][2]. I'd like your feedback on how accessible it would be if we
> had one.
> We've also come up with a menu structure
> =Home= =How to use= =Getting Started= =Development= =Personas=
> =TODO= =Contacts= =Meetings=
> =Home= The content in /Accessibility can go here, link to "How to
> Use Accessibility Software" section, also talk about the 2 arms of
> the team - development and outreach
> How to use Ubuntu Accessibility software What there is, and how to
> use it - sorted by disability perhaps?, also including stuff about
> how to boost your productivity by using, accessibilty software if you
> are able bodied (such as speech to text for gwibber for example)
> Getting Started Launchpad team, mailing list, and how to contribute
> all go here
> Development All development related stuff go in here
> Personas List and link to personas that we come up with
> Most Wanted list of features missing (inc packaging requirements)
> other open source software not yet in universe
> TODO Just general action tracker
> Contacts List people who can be contacted for different stuff - like
> UK Loco's contact page [3]
> Meetings Meetings agenda and logs tracker
> So, thats all we've come up with.  Any suggestions are welcome.  If
> you'd like to help with this wiki work, please feel free to get in
> touch with Charlie (charlie-tca) or me (nigelb).  My IRC is connected
> all the time, so if you poke, I'll reply at some point when I see
> it.
> [1] [2]
> [3]
> Warm Regards Nigel Babu

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