lucid looking good

mike kb8aey at
Tue Jan 26 00:37:13 GMT 2010

Hi, I installed lucid on a computer today and found the following with a fresh install. With out Bills driver speech is still a little slow. I hope this driver is included by default soon.
   Speakup now compiles fine, and I was able to switch between the consul and the gnome desktop just fine with two exceptions. On this laptop, it goes into standby mode when I switch back to gnome. But entering my password works, and both speakup and Orca work now.
   In the consul, speakup works fine. But for some reason I have to press enter twice to get it talking. After that, it works fine. Keep up the good work. Lucid is looking good.
   I also saw a new program called simple scan. Will this let you save pages in text format?

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