problem running karmic on desktop pc

michael weaver weavermicha at
Sun Feb 28 00:18:39 GMT 2010

  i seem to be having problems on my desktop pc with karmic.
i wait until my cd stops spinning in bootup only i can still he
the fan for my cd drive, i press enter to select english, f5 and
enter twice and my pc boots into ubuntu, i hear the ubuntu sounds
but no speech.
i press alt f2, type orca and this goes to orca setup.
i am asked to login after making my changes, i hit y followed by
enter, i hear the drums, i press enter, type ubuntu and nothing
happens after that.
to get speech to start without having to go through the setup i
seem to have to try and run orca manually midway through boot.
sometimes this works but again this is hit and miss.
has anyone got any advice?
my laptop boot time seems different from my desktop boot time as
i didn't have the same kind of problem with my toshiba laptop
unless i have a faulty karmic cd which is why it seems to be hit
and miss.
i tried the lucid cd which i burned to a rre writable dvd and
this went through the boot procedure quicker only i again got the
setup orca screens and when i got the message for logging out, it
was followed quickly by "welcome to orca" and didn't even let me
log out.

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