problem with today's CD image

Guy Schlosser guyster104 at
Sun Feb 14 22:37:23 GMT 2010

I will try that.  Is there any way to do it without booting in recovery 
mode, as I have no speech in that mode?  Yes, my video card is an Nvidia 
8600GT.  I do want to add though, that I am very impressed with Lucid so 
far.  I haven't lost speech once, while I've been browsing the web and 
various other tasks.  I'm really glad to see that pulseaudio isn't a 
problm for us any more.



On 2/14/2010 6:39 AM, Luke Yelavich wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 04:49:09PM EST, Guy Schlosser wrote:
>> OK, who broke the enter key.  Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
>> I even tried going into a terminal and issuing a command followed by
>> enter, and the second I press enter my screen freezes.  In the password
>> box also, I have to shift+tab to OK, and press the space bar.  I
>> definitely hope this one gets noticed and fixed soon.
> What video card are you using? If its NVIDIA then I believe the issue is known, and there is a work-around. If you can, I suggest you purge the plymouth package from your system.
> Luke

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