Fall-back Synthesizer

Dave Hunt dave.hunt2 at verizon.net
Fri Feb 12 20:34:12 GMT 2010

When running Lucid, I suggest you install at least one other synth 
module besides the default Espeak, since it can crash.  My choice is 
flite, since it's small, available in the repositories, and free.  At 
least, you can continue working after Espeak crashes.  Note that, after 
you've installed your fall-back module, you need to uncomment the 
appropriate line in "/etc/speech-dispatcher/speehd.conf".  Restart orca 
and speech dispatcher.  You're now good to go.  To install flite and its 
speech dispatcher back-end, do:

/sudo apt-get install flite speech-dispatcher-flite


Dave Hunt

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