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Thu Feb 11 16:42:21 GMT 2010

I thought time and code donations would be good enough too, but look
what happened to Sun. Worse yet, look what it got replaced with and the
havoc it has caused. I can't donate much to the cause, maybe $5 or $10 a
month, but something has to be done. We can't take the chance that
something this terrible could happen in other companies too. In fact, I
would start a whole donation to open source software awareness project,
if only there were a place to make sure that at least some of it got
funneled in to accessibility specifically. I think there should be two
poptions, maybe set up through paypal. The first would be a one-time
donation, you could enter an amount and make a payment. the second would
be a recurring payment. I am not sure if the paypal code allows for
picking your own amount in that situation, so there may be a need to
make 4 or 5 buttons, $5, $10, $25, or $50 per month. Maybe have a list
box on the form that allows you to specify what the money should be used
for, accessibility, language translation, general use, etc.
I think that this would make it easier for Canonical to add more people
to the accessibility team, or indeed, let the one person they have work
on it full time. I know that $5 a month isn't much when it's just 1
person, but if 100 did it, well $500 a month can make a bit of a
Accessible distros are great in some ways, they solve a lot of problems
for people, especially newbies who want and expect things to just work.
The problem I have with them, is that when Linux gains enough popularity
that it is installed on public computers, like at the library say, it's
probably not going to be the accessible distro. So, I prefer to try
making the main stream distros as accessible out of the box as they can
be. This is of course thinking in the long term. But, it will get here
eventually. So, that, combined with a growing dislike of reformatting is
why I haven't switched to one of the Vinux distros. Well, it is mostly
the dislike of reformatting, I have a lot of stuff on this computer lol.
I will keep what code I can do coming and contribute in any other way
that I can. But, maybe the powers that be will read this and set up a
good way to donate to the cause financially too.

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On Thu, 2010-02-11 at 11:16 -0500, Bill Cox wrote:

> Hi, Storm.  Personally, I think you should save your money for beer,
> and continue contributing as you have - with your time.
> What we really need is at least another full time person at Canonical
> working full-time on accessibility, and of course, I vote for Willie.
> Short of that, perhaps we can do a better job organizing the community
> to focus on work that needs to get done.  My own feeling is that we
> should work in an accessibility sand-box, which feeds into Ubuntu and
> the other distros.  I think we can do that with Vinux based on Ubuntu.
> Bill
> On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 11:07 AM, Storm Dragon
> <stormdragon2976 at> wrote:
>         Hi,
>         Is there a site, or some way to donate to Ubuntu in such a way
>         that the donated funds will go towards accessibility
>         specifically? I would like to be able to donate to projects
>         like Orca and speech-dispatcher, but as far as I know, right
>         now that would meen donating to Oracle. This, I will never do,
>         not even if hell does freeze over. So, the next best thing
>         would be to donate to the distro specifically, but I would
>         like to know that my donations are supporting the programs
>         that make the distro accessible to me.
>         thanks
>         Storm
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