Draft Willie for Ubuntu Accessibility

jose vilmar estacio de souza vilmar at informal.com.br
Sat Feb 6 08:26:26 GMT 2010

On 02/05/2010 10:05 PM, Bill Cox wrote:
> I don't need to introduce Willie on this forum.  If you don't know him
> and some of his work, you're not involved.  Willie is looking for a
> new job as the result of the Oracle/Sun merger.  I've said before that
> Ubuntu could own the accessibility space with one more full time guy.
> If that guy is Willie, he'll prove me right.
> I don't know the situation at Canonical, but getting Willie roped in
> would be super-huge.  RedHat would do great with Willie as well, but
> I'd rather see his skills go to Ubuntu first, and let Fedora get his
> work downstream from Ubuntu.
> Anyone interested in forming a Draft Willie campaign?
> Bill

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