Accessible install and Vinux?

Hammer Attila hammera at
Tue Feb 2 08:33:16 GMT 2010

Dear List,

In future, important need functions I think when accessible install is 
selected for example with screenreader support:
1. Default, always working accessible login feature.
I wroted an e-mail, how can I do working this function my system and my 
doed live cd with default Ubuntu settings.

2. Default braille display detection. This is possible easy, if the 
/etc/default/brltty file looks like this:
# This is a configuration file for /etc/init.d/brltty; it allows you to
# perform common modifications to the behavior of the brltty daemon
# startup.

# Arguments to pass to BRLTTY

# If true (or yes) BRLTTY will be started during initramfs execution.
# If you change this setting, you have to run "update-initramfs -u" to 
have it
# take effect.  If this setting is on, "update-initramfs -u" also needs 
to be
# run if /etc/brltty.conf gets changed.
I am not tested, because I have'nt got a braille display. Oldest 
/etc/default/brltty file only contains the RUN_BRLTTY=yes line, and this 
is works for Jaunty.

3. In target system, installer need copying the actual created target 
user accessibility specific settings with target system/etc/skel 
directory. This resulting default accessibility support when the admin 
user would like created a new user. Need setting up in target system the 
accessible login feature with choosed application (screen reader, 
magnifyer, onscreen keyboard).

4. Need add importanter keybinding shortcuts, but this is optional. 
Launch terminal, launch webbrowser, e-mail client, etc.

5. Console screen reader support, if need launch a recovery system with 
actual kernel recovery mode if happen a system crash: this is 
difficulter. For example, impossible localizing Speakup with spokening 
special non english language characters. This characters defined with 
the main.c file if I remember right. What happen if upgrading a kernel 
version? Now, not have native speakup-module package with Ubuntu 
repository, only speakup-source package have, and need compile with 
speakup with module-assistant. In debian, have native speakup-module 
packages already doed.

6. In very future, need adding daisy reading support, if have a good 
daisy player with supports Daisy 3.0 books. But this is difficulter.

7. In very future, need an audio book converter application. I doed a 
hungarian application, but this application is not good another language 
users. My application using Espeak to converts different text file 
formats with mp3 sound file. Possible change the speech rate, speech 
pitch, cutting time, converted mp3 bitrate. My application is a simple 
bash script with using zenity with graphical frontend, and full 
accessible with Orca. My application using external converters to doing 
plain text files with pdf, doc, odt, html file formats before 
conversion. But, the future is Daisy. If possible do an universal Daisy 
book converter applications with supports different speech synthesizers, 
this is very perfect purpose, but my knovledge is now not enough to do 
this. Possible Daisy Pipeline is a good starting point to generate Daisy 
xml file with supported formats.

8. Need add with Navigation bundle extension with Firefox (Links list 
and Headings list). For example, this is difficulter. I localized the 
1.4 version with hungarian language, but I don't no how can sending with 
the extension developer the localized version. But, if this is possible 
solving with Ubuntu specific extension, I am welcome sending the 
localization specific files.

9. Need add run_terminal setting with true with password required 
administration applications (for example synaptic icon) with all 
administration privileged users, because any application with using gksu 
don't talking when the password are gived. Remove the password 
protection is not a good way, because resulting security risk.

Bill, you would like a separate Vinux like iso with Ubuntu Lucid, or 
would like integrated normal Ubuntu Lucid iso with supports Vinux style 
accessible desktop features?
I ask this, if you would like an integrated solution, for example if I 
would like do a hungarian localized version of full accessible Ubuntu 
Lucid iso, need I do some only hungarian specific modification with 
impossible to do centralized way.
For example, now some keystrokes little different with BeLin and Vinux 
(launch webbrowser, launch e-mail clients, etc), but this is not 
problem, if we talking a standard keystrokes. This is better way I 
think, and easy to solving. If the Ubuntu Accessibility Community 
accepts Vinux style key strokes by default, better way to applyed this 
keystrokes with standard Ubuntu versions. This is simplest your and me 
cd manufacturing.

But, for example with hungarian BeLin version I need setting up default 
Speech-dispatcher language with "hu" in 
/etc/speech-dispatcher/speechd.conf and actual user speech-dispatcher 
configuration, this prewent with the user hear for example accessible 
login messages with "cantonese" sound language if he using Espeak with 
Speech-dispatcher. :-):-) I don't no this is possible handle with 
centralized way.

Another interesting think the language choose list when the original 
Ubuntu cd is booted. This list is don't talking now. Because in hungary 
we don't do international iso, I put with the cd isolinux directory with 
a lang file with only contains hu line. This modification disable the 
language chooser, and setting up hungarian language by default when the 
cd is booted.
For example, my specific iso default the accessibility support with 
screenreader option, similar with Vinux. I add with isolinux/text.cfg 
with access=v3 option with all kernel parameter containing line (try 
ubuntu, install ubuntu, etc), because hungarian users only using now 
screenreader support.

I hope I not forgot important functions. Note, my function list is ydeas 


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