Alternative Communication Device

Molly (Shidash) McGrath shidash at
Tue Apr 20 20:41:40 BST 2010

I have lurked on this list for quite sometime, it is rather  
interesting. I work on autism research at the MIT Media Lab. Recently,  
I entered a competition so that I could get money in order to continue  
my work on an alternative communication device. It would be great if  
some of you could vote for me in the competition at You need to  
register to vote (talk about bad design), but it is quick and easy.

For the device, we are using an arduino in order to program proximity  
sensors to pick up input and then using LEDs and a screen for output.  
With more money, we may be able to develop a design where full typing  
is available with even low motor skills. If any of you have  
suggestions or are interested in trying to work on this or test this,  
please email me. Thanks!

~Molly (Shidash) McGrath
In hoc signo vinces! (hoc signo == f'(x))
A person shielded by a true, benevolent passion is invincible!

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