An introduction to the mailing list

Charlie Kravetz cjk at
Wed Apr 14 21:22:28 BST 2010

Well, let me introduce myself to this list. Some of you already me. I
am that irritating sob that keeps asking you to send more information
or confirm something in those bug reports. 

I do not program and am not a developer. I triage bugs. Basically, that
means I attempt to get a bug ready for a developer to work. I also push
to get accessibility issues exposure and to get the bugs worked as soon
as possible. 

I have looked at the bugs listed for the accessibility team in
launchpad, and confirmed what could be. I am now looking at the bugs in
'at-spi'. What a deal. If you want to hide a bug, assign it to at-spi!
Yes, some of these are old, up to three years! Yes, I am asking for
information before closing them. They might still be valid, and if they
are, lets try to get them fixed.

I do have to question why the launchpad accessibility is not subscribed
automatically to 'at-spi'? This should be a package that this team is
very concerned with. 

Well, I will ask for patience, please. I am new at trying to triage
these issues, and will try to reproduce them to confirm and push the
bugs, if you tell how to reproduce them. When filing the report, an
explanation of how to reproduce the issue, if possible, helps a lot. 

Thanks for all that is being done. I will try my best to help out here.

Charlie Kravetz 
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