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Hi all
Well, that's life for you. I no sooner send a message asking for help
than I find what I was looking for. Sorry about that. Anyway, I found
them, they've been merged into the indicator applet. I must note though
that this does have some rather serious accessibility concerns,
specifically that once you keyboard navigate into the indicator applet
you cannot get out without the aid of Orca's flat review. This was the
case ever since the indicator applet was introduced but I never paid it
much mind given that it wasn't ever used much before. This is easy
enough to reproduce, arrow into the indicator applet with the right
arrow then escape out. You'll be stuck between the indicator applet and
the clock, and can't tab away nor can you press ctrl+alt+d or any other
focus-switching keystroke. The only way I've found to get out is to
right click with flat review then press esc. Once done, you're out of
the sticky point.
Speaking of the clock, I've noticed something not too pleasant about
that too though this is most likely an issue in GNOME 2.30 itself and
not Ubuntu specifically. The clock no longer reads the time, instead I
just hear the "click to view your appointments and tasks" tooltip. This
is less than helpful. And yes, I know about putting a script in, but that's not the point. Is this one an Ubuntu
or  a GNOME issue upstream? I suspect the latter but right now I don't
have any other 2.30 systems to test it.
Other than this though, Lucid is a much needed improvement on my
netbook. In particular, without Hal polling the hardware all the time,
my power consumption has gone down by 3 watts (a big deal on this
netbook) and battery life has gone way up. I just might reach the
advertised 14 hours now. :D

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