When I would like do USB startup disk and using Orca, my desktop is unresponsive when I click make startup disk button

Hammer Attila hammera at pickup.hu
Sat Apr 10 16:06:45 BST 2010

Dear List,

In Lucid, when I would like make an USB startup disk with 
usb-creator-gtk application and Orca is running, if I click make startup 
disk button, at-spi registri crash happening and my desktop is unresponsive.
In Vinux Mailing List Tony Sales and another users confirmed my problem 
in Lucid and Ubuntu 9.10, because he tryed what happening if Orca is not 
running before clicking the make startup disk button. If Orca is not 
running, at-spi registri is not crash, and usb-creator-gtk application 
is wonderful do the startup disk.

If Orca is running when I clicking the make startup disk button, and 
at-spi registri crash is happening, usb-creator-gtk application copying 
I think 53 MB about 15 minute.

I wroted this problem with a bugreport and wroted the reproducation steps:

Unfortunately apport-cli tool is not see any useful informations, but 
when I try logout normal with sighted assistance, in logout window 
seeing at-spi registri is crashed, and only possible logout with logout 
anyway button.


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