Ubuntu Accessibility Meeting: Tuesday 13 April at 21:00 UTC

Penelope Stowe pstowe at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 02:04:13 BST 2010


So I looked at people's responses for times they could make and it
looks like the time the most people can make is 21:00 UTC (22:00 BST)
next Tuesday.

The meeting will be in #ubuntu-accessibility on irc.freenode.net . If
you wish to attend, but are unfamiliar with IRC, please let me know
and I'll do my best to assist you with it!

I will be setting up an agenda page on the wiki for this meeting and
will e-mail the group with the link once it's up.

Please feel free to respond to this e-mail if you have items you wish
to have discussed or opinions on what we should be doing as a group
(both broad ideas and more narrow ones are welcome).

Two things I feel are important are starting to create some direction
for the accessibility team and starting to create a blueprint and a
roadmap for the project. I'm really hoping that we can get some things
set enough that a session at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in May would
make sense as I know several people attending, along with myself, who
would be interested.

I look forward to having as many of you as possible at the meeting!

Pendulum on IRC

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