Problem with accessible login in Karmic

Hammer Attila hammera at
Tue Sep 29 08:58:53 BST 2009

I solved this problem my machine, I hope help anybody my method or fix 
this problem with official method:
1. I look what place stores gdm with default settings. This directory is 
/var/lib/gdm in Ubuntu Karmic.
I put entire .gconf directory my home folder with /usr/lib/gdm directory 
with following command:
sudo cp -r .gconf /var/lib/gdm

I think only enough to put .gconf/desktop/gnome/interface/%gconf.xml 
file (this file stores accessibility enabled or not, this file missing 
with original setup), and 
.gconf/desktop/gnome/applications/at/%gconf.xml (this file stores what 
assistive programs launch when gdm is displayed. This file not missing, 
but need owerwrite if anybody set the following gconf values:
/desktop/gnome/applications/at/screen_reader_enabled (launch screen 
reader when the gdm is displayed)
/desktop/gnome/applications/at/screen_magnifier_enabled (launch magnifier)
/desktop/gnome/applications/at/screen_keyboard_enabled (launch on-screen 
I put whole .gconf directory, because I want sure result). :-):-)

2. I remove /var/lib/gdm/.speech-dispatcher directory, because I cam not 
need this speech backend (I am using Gnome speech driver).
I hope this is an optional step, because lot of people using this speech 

3. I copy my debian Sid system with 
/usr/lib/gnome-session/helpers/at-spi-registryd-wrapper binary with an 
Usb pendrive, because now this binary missing with Karmic. I copy with 
correct place this binary my Ubuntu Karmic system 
(/usr/lib/gnome-session/helpers). I sending this file with attachment.
Now we not ready, because Orca does'nt launch correct with Gdm, because 
missing orca preferences, need do the fourth step. I don't no why need 
this step.

4. (final step):
I put the .orca directory my home folder to /var/lib/gdm directory with 
following command:
sudo cp -r .orca /var/lib/gdm
After this process is completed, I setting the /var/lib/gdm directory 
owner with .gdm group and gdm user:
sudo chown -hR .gdm /var/lib/gdm
sudo chown -hR gdm /var/lib/gdm

Need a restart, and accessible login feature is wonderful work. I am 
very happy now. :-):-)


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