Problem with accessible login in Karmic

jose vilmar estacio de souza vilmar at
Mon Sep 28 13:06:32 BST 2009

Perhaps what I will say is not correct, but the fact is that Karmic uses 
speech-dispatcher and if I understood correctly, speech-dispatcher is 
started after the login is completed.
Assuming that is true, I suspect that orca can not speak during the 
login process.

On 09/28/2009 08:27 AM, Hammer Attila wrote:
> Dear List!
> I read the gdm help documentation, and after finished, I try setting the
> accessible login feature with Karmic.
> I setted the /desktop/gnome/applications/at/screen_reader_enabled gconf
> key, but Orca does'nt automaticaly start when login screen is displayed.
> Anybody known what the correct method to setting accessible login
> feature with new gdm in Karmic, or this feature now does'nt work?
> Attila

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