How's Karmic these days?

Bill Cox waywardgeek at
Thu Oct 22 20:41:03 BST 2009

I did a raw install of Ubuntu Karmic x64 Beta in VirutualBox, and
here's the current status for such an installation.  Note that I did a
visual install, not an accessible install:

The install has a nice slide show.  One of the slides claimed Ubuntu
was "one of the most accessible operating systems."  I thought that
was interesting.

There were some goobers, but overall, the OS rocks for sighted users,
even in Beta.  It is easy to see why Ubuntu remains the popular Linux
OS.  Karmic is going to be a well received release.

Orca ran out-of-the-box.  However, speech got queued in Speech
Dispatcher, and hitting escape or any other key did nothing to stop
it.  Even killing Orca did not stop it.  You have to listen to every
word Orca thinks is available to be read.  This makes Orca completely
unusable.  I installed Gnome Speech Services, and switched to that,
but it crashes the virtual machine.

So basically, Karmic Beta is awesome for sighted users, but does not
work out-of-the-box for blind/VI users.  I'm going to try removing
Pulse Audio.  I'll let you know if I find any combo that works well
with Orca.


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