Does'nt launch automaticaly with current Karmic daily live cd?

Hammer Attila hammera at
Thu Oct 15 08:45:40 BST 2009


Arki, I downloaded now the latest Karmic daily live cd (i386).
When I booting usual way my notebook the cd, Orca does'nt start 
automaticaly, but the sound is work correct, and spd-say correct 
spokening any messages with gnome-terminal. So, I think this is not 
sound or Speech-dispatcher problem, but I am not full sure this.
When I try this test with my desktop computer, Orca is launch 
automaticaly correct.
Prewious Ubuntu versions works correct my both machines.

Interesting, but pulseaudio is disabled again? In yesterday morning live 
cd is pulseaudio enabled, I am surprised yesterday because my sound 
volume change is works my notebook when I booting the yesterday live cd.

Thank you your help.


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