Very interesting pulseaudio problems?

Hammer Attila hammera at
Fri Oct 2 12:57:34 BST 2009

Ok, I done the clean installation with the beta release of Karmic.
If pulseaudio disabled, sound-volume setting up does'nt work 
(gnome-volume-control application does'nt launched). This is ok with Jaunty.
But Orca very stable and fast, if I using speech-dispatcher default 

If I enabled pulseaudio again and setted up speech-dispatcher with 
pulseaudio, I see very long latency with speech output parts (3 or 4 
second latency). But gnome-volume-control works. :-):-)
So, this method is not help me.

Halim, you wroted:
"Another interesting stuff which works better than current ubuntu setup
is the ossproxy.
This little proxy uses pulseaudio and creates /dev/dsp using the new
cuse driver (available in kernel 2.6.31).
Running ossproxy and speech-dispatcher with it's oss output module work
really fast and it seems stable enough.
Unfortunately the included oss-emulation  support of the ubuntu kernel 
needs to be
disabled for ossp to work.
It seems that this can't be done using the kernel cmdline."
Can you write a link how I download this ossproxy source?
If I understand right, I need compile a custom kernel. Not problem if 
better work this solution.


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