ANNOUNCE stable espeak->speech-dispatcher->pulseaudio for karmic

Halim Sahin halim.sahin at
Mon Nov 16 18:02:01 GMT 2009

Have a look to following variables in espeak-generic.conf

# The following three items control punctuation levels None, Some, and
# All.
# Each of these values will be substituted into the $PUNCT variable
# depending
# on the value passed to speech dispatcher from applications.
# Note that if an empty string is specified, then $PUNCT will be blank
# which is a default situation for espeak.

GenericPunctNone ""
GenericPunctSome "--punct=\"()[]{};:\""
GenericPunctAll "--punct"

Your screenreader can only use levels none some or all.
none produces here nothing.
Try to adjust these variables and restart speech-dispatcher.
GenericPunctNone "--punct=.,{}[]"

In german it works correctly  when I select punctuation all in orca.

Halim Sahin
halim.sahin (at)

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