A new user with some ubuntu questions.

Peter Torpey ptorpey at rochester.rr.com
Sun Nov 8 15:56:36 GMT 2009


If you are a new Linux user, you might want to try the Vinux distribution of
Linux.  This was specifically put together with accessibility concerns in

Although Ubuntu can be used with speech and a magnifier, performance with
speech seems to be somewhat erratic and unreliable.  Also, with Ubuntu , it
is a bit tricky to access the administrative applications and more
customizations might be needed to make it work the way you would like.

Vinux should be much more robust with speech and includes applications which
work well with speech without a lot of customization by the user.  You can
find out more about the Binux project and download the installer at the URL:


Good luck.


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Subject: A new user with some ubuntu questions.
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My name is Sandy Phillips and I live in Louisville Ky. I will soon be trying

to learn ubuntu. My brother is putting ubuntu 9.10 on a computer along with 
windows 7 so I can learn about ubuntu. I am interested in learning the linux

programs for a number of reasons. I have been using windows operating 
systems with jaws for windows. Which ubuntu edition 9.04 or 9.10 has the 
least amount of problems? As I said my brother is loading 9.10 but if there 
are more known issues with this particular version then I can go to 9.04 or 
any other version people could recommend. Currently I have no working 
knowledge of the linux operating system but I am more than willing to learn.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Sandy Phillips
smilingsandy at insightbb.com

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