No need to remove .pulse in karmic

Andre Nuno Soares ans at
Fri Nov 6 01:34:10 GMT 2009

Hello all,

Can anyone else confirm that, in order to have volume control, sound
preferences, etc you just need to edit the client.conf file in .pulse
and change "autospawn = no"  to yes?

Removing the .pulse directory seems to just make pulseaudio assume the
default option of "autospawn = yes" (see /etc/pulse/client.conf), and in
fact you can just remove the client,conf file and leave the rest.

Pulse seems to be stopping after gnome starts, because I only see the
pulseaudio process if "autospawn" is yes, and this is why there's no
volume control (in the panel and totem), the sound preferences hangs
waiting for the sound system, etc

Am I right, or should I stop sipping the Port wine? ;-)


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