What about to try to read article about Pulseaudio?

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel chmiel at phil.muni.cz
Wed Nov 4 20:48:45 GMT 2009

Dear users and developers,

    What about to try to solve problems caused by The Pulseaudio integration 
related to volume control by read The following article?


If all packages mentioned in this Wiki article are properly installed and 
configured in Ubuntu Karmic, then it is onlyone possibility to solve some 
problems related to Volume.

Wait for some updates, as i tried, Canonical releases some updates very 
fast, so lets patiently wait.

Some occasional crashes of speech dispatcher while using Espeak are really 
caused by The installation of Ubuntu Karmic to a Harddrive, i noticed this 
crash while using gnome-terminal

and when i was used

sudo su

I typed my right root password

I tried to install some package by using

apt-get install

But when Espeak talked The progress of package installation, Speech 
dispatcher dummi module started to talk to me.

But i think, that those crashes can be very remarkably decreased by perform 
all awailable updates by using update feature in The administrative 
applications menu.

If some crashes will occur, i will send speech dispatcher debug log to some 
developer, who could repair speech dispatcher source code.

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