can speakup be used in karmic?

jose vilmar estacio de souza vilmar at
Tue Nov 3 16:22:41 GMT 2009

Yes, I am using.
If memory serves me, you can try the following steps to install.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install espeakup
sudo apt-get install speakup-source
sudo m-a a-i speakup-source

To test:
sudo modprobe speakup_soft
/etc/init.d/espeakup start

Press alt+ctrl+f1 to switch to console #1 and try to type someting.

Pressing alt+ctrl+f7 switch back to gnome session.

You can edit the file /etc/modules and include the line:

This will start speakup in the boot time.

I hope not forget some step.

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On 11/03/2009 12:54 PM, mike wrote:
>     Hi, I am having no luck at all getting yasr to work in karmic. Is there anyway to add speakup? It seems to me that in earlier versions of ubuntu there was a package that you had to install to get speakup working. But at that time I think speakup was in the kernel. Has it been added again in Karmic?
> If it has, we should be able to get speech in the server addition too.
>     Mike.

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