Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 Koala positive feetback related toaccessibility and speech responsiveness

Bill Cox waywardgeek at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 13:57:58 GMT 2009

I'm very glad to hear about positive experiences so far with Karmic.
I installed the x64 version yesterday on my laptop (Dell Inspiron
9400).  Orca did work out-of-the-box, which is nice.  If blind users
absolutely must do a few things on linux, Karmic can do the job.
However, I found there to be a delay due to pulseaudio of about 1/2
second, making key and word echo useless.  The delay is so bad, I
don't see how I could use Karmic with Orca full-time.  I installed
voxin as well (far nicer than espeak, IMO), and had two additional
problems, besides the delay.  When using speech-dispatcher, speech
would pause every few seconds for about half a second, which is
seriously annoying.  When using Gnome Speech Services, instead of
pausing, it simply stops speaking, so it is very tedious to listen to
an entire document.  I suspect both problems are related to the delay
in pulseaudio.

With the virtual machine install, I was able to get Orca working well
by uninstalling pulseaudio, as described here:


However, when installed on my laptop, removing pulseaudio caused
speech-dispatcher to hang, with 100% CPU utilization.  So, for now, I
have no suitable Karmic-based Orca solution.  Are other people seeing
the delay problem?  Is it only with the x64 version?  Are you using
Karmic/Orca as your main machine, or just playing around a bit?


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