Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 Koala positive feetback related to accessibility and speech responsiveness

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel chmiel at phil.muni.cz
Mon Nov 2 09:58:02 GMT 2009

Dear users,

    When i read Yours several E-mails related to crashes of speech 
dispatcher while using it with Orca, i was wondering what would cause those 
behaviour. I tested Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 Koala in live mode for more than one 
hour and i did not experienced random crashes related to speech while using 
Espeak with Orca.
I tested accessibility of administrative tasks, installation program and i 
do not know about issues related to those applications.

So if somebody of us is having problems related to speech, try to test The 
Ubuntu Karmic while using it in live mode. Work with The same computer on 
which You are experiencing random crashes of speech support with Orca. If 
You are experiencing difficulty after performing installation of ubuntu 
Karmic to A hard drive, my opinion is, that random crashes are caused by The 
fact, that Ubuntu is installed on A harddrive.

My opinion is, that if this is The case, there is complex software conflicts 
between algorithms, which are used for allocating swap file and 
speechdispatcher. May be, that those algorithms are causing this problem.

MR Klaus Knopper is also experiencing problems while using speechdispatcher 
with his Adriane Knoppis, when console applications are used and 
speechdispatcher is being used with SBL Suseblinux screen reader. 
Speechdispatcher is crashing, if Adriane Knoppix is installed on A 
harddrive, but never crashes if Adriane Knoppix is used in live mode and 
very probably, those crashes will not occur, if Adriane knoppix is being 
used in live mode started from USB flash disk.

Speechdispatcher will never crash in Adriane Knoppix, if user will only use 
Orca and LXDE related applications.

So i think, that this conclusion would help core developers of 
Speechdispatcher to debug memory allocation related tasks, if it would be 

MR Knoper really sended me The E-mail, on which he confirmed my conclusion, 
that consoled applications in Adriane Knoppix, which are used with SBL are 
not usable with speech dispatcher if Adriane Knoppix has been installed to A 
hard drive.

Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 is very good accessible distribution, ACPI services are 
very well optimized and motherboard is not having high tempherature.

Orca responsiveness is The fastest while using Pulseaudio sound server with 
Espeak and Orca. I think, that many of us would send MR Yelavich thank's 
E-mail, because he had to spend many hours of complex programmers work while 
debugging Pulseaudio sound server to reach The best awailable compatibility 
and speech responsiveness while using this sound server with 
Speech-dispatcher and Orca.

Mr Yelavich, thank You very, very much for Your intensive and complex 
programmers work while analysing, debugging and modifiing source code of 
Pulseaudio sound server, which is written in C programming language.

Pulseaudio will be very probably The standart for many Linux distributions, 
Mandriva One 2009.1 is using it, Opensuse is using it from version 11.0, 
earlyer versions used ESD sound daemon. And i really think, that Ubuntu is 
now The best Linux distribution, which is accessible with Orca while 
Pulseaudio sound server is incorporated. And, what is very, very important, 
also users of braille displays can be very happy, because Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 
is using The latest awailable and stable version of Brltty.

I will install Ubuntu Karmic To a Harddrive and if i will find some issues, 
i will provide valuable and constructive feetback about it, so some issues 
would be solved by making some update for ubuntu Karmic.

So please, do not be afraid and You can safely try Ubuntu Karmic. If You 
want to use Brltty, Brltty daemon must be started with The root privileges, 
i tested it in Live CD mode.

So i would like to thank all core developers of Ubuntu Karmic, who made 
their best to support a handicapped computer users.

Last remark.

There are many various computers, with various models of CPU, with various 
CPU frequency, with various chipsets, and with various sound carts. Some 
sound carts were  manufactured after year 2002. So those sound carts are 
using slover chips and also algorithms incorporated in to The sound drivers 
for controlling those sound devices are not able to provide so fast 
responsiveness while using those sound carts with Pulseaudio sound server. 
So please, i would like to kindly please all users, if they would think 
about those technical problems before providing negative feetback related to 
speech responsiveness in Ubuntu Karmic.

Every developer is A Human being with emotions and try to look to The source 
code of Pulseaudio sound server. Try to imagine, that every body of us would 
have to analyse, modifi, recompile and debug this source code ro make 
reliable support of Pulseaudio sound server. Lets be more emphatical to core 
developers of Ubuntu, who are really very overloaded because of other 
programmers activity, not only because of developing accessibility support 
for Ubuntu Karmic.

So I Am wisching all users of Ubuntu many positive feetbacks while using 
this distribution. You will be even able to boot from USB drive while using 
older computers, which BIOS is not supporting start from A USB drive. So 
only Vmlinus kernel and some other modules will be loaded to The RAM while 
booting Ubuntu from A USB flash drive.

I Am only very, very, very sad, that Canonical LTD is not officially 
supporting this procedure, eventhough I Am aware, that Ubuntu is not Gentoo 

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