Interesting Karmic problems

Hammer Attila hammera at
Mon Nov 2 08:44:14 GMT 2009

Dear list,

I tryed Ubuntu Karmic live cd, and I am now not happy. :-(:-(
I see some interesting problems, I don't no have any possible useful 
workaround to solving this problems. :-(:-( I hope anybody have an ydea 
to solving this problems:
1. My notebook (Toshiba Satelite L300) Orca does'nt talk automaticaly 
when the boot is finished, this is works correct with prewious Ubuntu 
versions (Jaunty, Intrepid, Hardy). If I manual launch Orca, Orca talks 
My desktop computer Orca launch correct automaticaly and talking fine.

2. When I try booting Ubuntu Karmic live cd with accessible profile 
(screen reader option), gnome-volume-applet is disabled by default, and 
impossible to launch system/settings/sound preference tool (waiting 
respond the sound system). I read Arki tutorial with Ubuntu Karmic, and 
remove .pulse directory and .pulse_cookie file.
When logout and login back again, gnome-volume-applet is displayed and 
possible launch the system/preferences/sound preference tool, but now I 
see following the next problem:
3. Impossible increase or decrease volume values (the values increased 
or decreased, but the sound volume is does'nt change). In sound 
preferences/hardware tab is empty. I don't no why?

This is not only one sound card specific problem I think, because my 
desktop computer and my laptop computer produces same seed results 
(different soundcards have this two machine).
Pulseaudio is running (pgrep pulseaudio shows the process number).
I think I still my Jaunty system and very wayting 10.04 Ubuntu version, 
if not have an useful workaround or bugfix to solwing this problems.

I open a bugreport, anybody fell free to confirm this problems or write 
need tryed tests to fix this problems before with next Ubuntu version:

Thanks everybody, sorry my not happy letter. :-(:-(


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