Sound playing not working with Jaunty Alpha5?

Hammer Attila hammera at
Mon Mar 2 15:24:39 GMT 2009

Unfortunately, Mike suggestion not works my machines (desktop and laptop
All important setting I changed to pulsesink, but thanks Mike the
suggestion. When Orca is running and speech is enabled, the sound
playback is not start (the time value is show 0.0 value).
If I turn off speech and try play a sound or video, all works fine, but
impossible to turn on speech (Orca not talking).
Dayly upgraded Jaunty system not producing this simptoms my notebook, I
installed the system since with alpha3.

I tryed following instructions, but not solwing the problem:
"How do I get Orca to speak alongside other ALSA applications?

NOTE to Ubuntu Hardy users: Ubuntu Hardy is investigating the use of
 to take care of a lot of device contention. As a result, audio mixing
should "just work" on Ubuntu Hardy and you shouldn't have to monkey
around with this

Hotly debated issue, It is not Orca's fault that it is set up like this,
so the fix should be done elsewhere, but if you don't care about the
politics and
simply want it to work then:

sudo apt-get install alsa-oss

now change directory:

cd /usr/lib/bonobo/servers/

now edit using your favorite editor: If you are using Espeak then modify:


and if you are using Festival:


replace "festival" for "espeak" if you wish to modify the festival
synthesizer. On the third line of the file you will see (remember to use
dashes instead
of underscores):

                type="exe" location="/usr/bin/espeak-synthesis-driver"

replace this with:

                type="exe" location="/usr/bin/aoss

Note that if the alsa-oss package is not installed then you will have a
broken system and wont have any speech output, so make sure it is

save the file, and restart Orca, now you can use mplayer and suchlike to
output sound alongside Orca."

I looked latest dayly live cd.


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