Future of accessibility under Ubuntu

Hugh Sasse hgs at dmu.ac.uk
Mon Jun 29 23:06:35 BST 2009

On Mon, 29 Jun 2009, Bill Cox wrote:

> I hope my criticism in this e-mail is taken as intended - constructive
> criticism, rather than pointless ranting.  I would like to raise a
        [important points about important problems, strongly put, trimmed] 
> I hope this is taken as a call to action.  I don't mean to offend
> anyone.

One of the themes of open source is that it is up to people to dive
in and fix things, BUT at the same time we know programmers don't
like maintenance work. That's because it's easier to write code than
read someone else's code. [A topic of importance that should be left
aside for now.]

My question is this: given the need to get people to work on
problems, and the inherent difficulties, what resources exist to
help people who are interested to get started? 

I'm thinking that one thing that might help would be a FAQ for this
list telling developers where to find info about accessibility bugs
in particular, and pointers on how to get familiar with the
territory, open problems that need exploration, even graduate
research topics.  There would need to be info for users as well.

It would be good to know about tools which can collect accessibility
bug info in one place automatically, trawling bugzillas, or at least
have a wiki that holds this kind of thing. The wiki might be this one:
What testing tools exist to help developers to avoid breaking

What can be done to make accessibility work more accessible? :-)


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