warning to anyone upgrading karmic

mike kb8aey at verizon.net
Thu Jun 25 00:14:14 BST 2009

Hi, I updated Karmic again today and had the same problem I had yesterday. After upgrading, the system wouldn't boot, but this time I found out why. At the end of the update process there was a package that had to be configured. I never ran into this before, but apparently grub no longer finds your boot drive. You are told to pick a drive or install it to all drives if you don't know which one is your boot drive.
Ok, that would be fine, but Orca doesn't read the choices using the tab or arrow keys. I finely did get it to list two drives with the arrow keys after playing for some time, but never did see the choice to install to all drives.
   This is something that will have to be corrected or people who are use to ubuntu choosing the correct drive will be in for a big surprise. I do realize Karmic is early in development, but I have never had this kind of thing happen in all the years I have used ubuntu. So be careful if you are updating Karmic today.

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