Solution to No Sound from Second Sound Card

Peter Torpey ptorpey at
Fri Jun 19 03:59:48 BST 2009

Whew - I finally figured out why I wasn't getting any sound out of my second
sound card.


Somehow the volume must have gotten muted (or put down to 1%).


Trying to fix the volume using Orca was certainly a challenge.


Unless I missed something and there is an easier way of changing the sound,
I finally found the asoundconf command.  I ran this from the terminal, but a
strange graphical interface popped up that was totally unusable with Orca.
Even the flat review mode was not able to give useful information.


Next, I tried the command amixer.  This is a command line utility for
changing the settings of various sound devices.  If it's helpful to anyone
else, some of the commands which seemed to help were:


# a command to list the controls of sound device 1

amixer -c 1 controls   

# a command to show the settings for each control of device 1

amixer -c 1 contents

# finally, a command to change the volume to 100% on device 1

Amixer -c 1 set PCM 100%


I would have thought that something as ubiquitous as changing volume should
be easier to do.


Also, in the process of working this out, I removed pulseaudio.  Should Orca
be running with pulseaudio or not for best results?


The pulseaudio volume settings are also difficult (if not impossible) to use
with Orca.


Well, at least I can hear Orca out of the correct sound device now.


Maybe this will be useful to someone else.




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