Problem Getting Sounds and speech Out of Second Sound Device

Peter Torpey ptorpey at
Thu Jun 18 13:41:11 BST 2009

I have two USB sound devices:

-          EMU 0202 USB

o   - SB-Live 24-bit External USB

When I first installed Ubuntu 9.04 all sounds and speech came out of the EMU


In the Preferences / Default Sound Device menu I then selected the SB-Live
device as the default sound device so that all sounds would come out of this
sound device.


That worked fine, except for the bongo sound prior to login still came out
of the EMU 0202 device (even though all speech and sounds now came out of
the SB-Live device as I wanted them to).


Anyway, I followed the directions for installing the latest update of
PulseAudio and then couldn't get any sounds coming out of the Sb-Live


I uninstalled PulseAudio and used all of the Alsa settings for default as my
Playback device.


How do I re-hook up the SB-Live USB device and get sound out of that again?
I've tried re-installing PulseAudio and tried using PulseAudio as all of the
defaults, but to no avail.


Somehow the SB-Live driver or device seems to be gone (even though I can
check it as default in many of the Sound and Default Sound Device menus).


Thanks for any suggestions.  Do I have to re-install Ubuntu?



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