Thunderbird Problem Solved

Peter Torpey ptorpey at
Sat Jun 6 19:58:54 BST 2009

I reported not being able to get into the message of a message by 
hitting enter or F6.

I was going to try and change from HTML view to text view as suggested, 
but then I restarted Ubuntu.

After restarting Ubuntu and loggin in agin, all seems to work this time.

Thus, maybe this was a startup problem with the first install of tb. My 
first tests were after setting up and configuring tb, but I had never 

Thanks everyone for their help.

Everything is working nicely now. The only thing that I think is missing 
is the ability to use first-letter navigation in the tree view of 
folders. Currently one has to arrow down through the list to find the 
folder one wants to access.


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